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Let me help you get started on your mortgage today!

Our mortgage application will take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Please take your time to fill out as much detail as possible. It is recommended you gather all necessary information such as  employment, property details, credit card/loan/mortgage statements, assets etc. and complete the application in one sitting.

First, review the documents I may require from you to make this happen. Once you are ready to begin with all necessary pieces of information regarding your mortgage request, you can proceed to fill out the application by selecting the most comfortable application option below.

When you’ve completed the application, add a note in the consent section of the application with your comments and any specific instructions you may have. Make sure to check the acknowledgement box online or sign the printed application to consent to all information completed. Then submit the online version or scan or email an image of the signed printed copy to patrick.e@pegasusmortgages.com, Once the application has been received you will get a confirmation message acknowledging receipt.

If your application was sent between 8AM – 7PM, expect to get a call from me within 1 hour to review the details and answer any questions, otherwise by noon the following day or anytime instructed that is convenient for you.

For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me

Patrick Ejelle-Ndille

Mortgage Agent
LIC # M21003444

📧 patrick.e@pegasusmortgages.com
📞 (416) 262-1477
🏢 1457 McCowan Rd, Suite 202, Toronto, ON. M1S 5K7